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in EXCELSOO culture, you will be empowered to grow to a higher and new level by constantly challenging your talents and creativity. You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your ability to solve problems and your confidence to break the rules and break through yourself. At the same time, our rich product line enables you to quickly enrich your knowledge in software, network, machinery and electronics at the same time, and become an all-round master at work.

join the EXCELSOO family and work with us. Let's grow with you and create infinite possibilities. Working in EXCELSOO means an opportunity to surpass simple employment relationships and become our partner. We are here to grow with you, to become a better person, to achieve greater goals, in front of you is the infinite possibilities. You can achieve more, achieve more and become the best of yourself EXCELSOO.

seize the opportunity. Please contact us by email. If there is a suitable position, the EXCELSOO recruiter will contact you in time.

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