Excelsoo Wiegand access control system is a reputable brand in the world.


Shenzhen Excelsoo Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and developer of access control systems hardware and software in China. Access control products include TCP/IP network type single-door access controller, double-door access controller, four-door access controller, access control system management software, access control attendance card management software, access control special radio frequency induction type non-contact IC card reader, and so on.

Excelsoo's cloud controller has Internet communication and cloud platform data interaction functions, and the Internet access controller communication technology is an industry leading. Excelsoo Technology adheres to the professional and cost-effective business philosophy, provides a complete set of access control system solution downloads and access control technical guidance services. We are committed to popularizing access control knowledge, providing professional access control technology and online training on access control knowledge, more access control information and Access control expertise, please visit the website to obtain and download.


Excelsoo Technology unanimously upholds and adheres to the professional business philosophy of "Access Control Expert". We have always insisted on "create excellence for you!" in a simple and persistent manner, and invested all funds and talents in the development and manufacturing of access control systems with networked access control controllers as the core, and won the recognition of consumers. Outstanding achievements have been made in the field of all-in-one cards.


“Create excellence for you” is our corporate culture, smiling is our attitude towards customers and facing life, and Create excellence for you is our spirit in facing career and work. Sincere Technology is an independent, global business organization, and our partners are all over the world. Excelsoo Technology is based on the national industry, and will continue the future on the road of brand building and internationalization!