Pay on Foot AutoPay Machine

The APS is a major component that provides visitors an access point to make payment for their parking tickets. Upon inserting the barcode ticket, the APS will automatically calculate the parking charges based on time in and time out. Different types of tariff rates can be set at the CMS depending on the management decision. The parking charges will be displayed at the APS screen, the visitor will then make payment in Notes and/or Coins.

The APS Notes and Coin Acceptor and Dispenser unit are well known quality products imported from Canada and Germany. The APS is able to dispense change in Notes and/or Coins, and a payment receipt can be printed out once the visitor press the receipt button. The APS is also able to collect payment from all Season Pass Holders. There is an option to integrate a camera in the APS, once the visitor insert the parking ticket to make payment, the APS system will capture a photo and tag it to the ticket serial number. The APS has an intercom system that allows the visitor to communicate with the parking office in the event of any error occurring at the APS machine.

All APS units are connected to the CMS Back Office Management System via a Local Area Network cable. All APS are usually located at the lobby and car park lifts areas for easy access to the visitors.

We offer Parking AutoPay Station Payment Kiosk to Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and so on. Kiosk support cash notes and all kind of coin, credit card and so on.

Pay on Foot Parking System

The Pay On Foot Parking Management System features centralized pay stations that are conveniently located within public parking garages.

1. When entering the garage, take a ticket and keep it with you;


2. Before returning to your car, pay for parking at one of the pay auto stations. Coins and cash are accepted at auto pay stations;


3. When you reach the exit gate, use your paid ticket as an exit pass. If you forgot to pay at the pay station, pay in cash at exit.