Excelsoo's parking counting system counts the number of available parking lots with the simplest equipment and the lowest cost. The LED display shows real-time data. We provide API protocol for you!


Parking Counting System Controller PCS-300 is used in the networking of the parking guidance system, connected to the parking space detectors, guidance screens, etc., to complete the work of data collection, reporting, and downloading the commands and data of the main controller. The location parking guidance system can effectively guide and manage the parking vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. It is a powerful supplement to the parking lot management system and constitutes a more intelligent parking lot management system.

Key Features:


  • - Detect whether there is a vehicle passing by, and recognize the direction of the vehicle automatically;
  • - Set or modify the total number of parking spaces and the available lots in a certain area;
  • - Calculate and display the available lots in the area;
  • - Support data collection and correct display results;