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Ultrasonic Sensor PGS Controller PGS-300

Ultrasonic Sensor PGS Controller PGS-300

An important integral part of the parking guidance system

Ultrasonic Sensor PGS Controller PGS-300 is used to cyclically detect the status of the connected detectors and upload relevant information to the central controller, which is used to connect the central controller and parking detectors, and LED display Screens, etc., adopt the RS485 and CAN bus hybrid communication mechanism to solve the problem of unreliable long-distance communication, the expansion of the number of network nodes, and the problem of group management.


Key Features:


  • Industrial grade design;
  • Easy to install and adjust;
  • Real-time monitoring and output available lots data to guidance display;
  • Real-time monitoring parking space status.




Operating Voltage AC110/220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -20~+65℃
Power Consumption ≤2W (self-power consumption, excluding detector)
Communication Method 1 channel CAN@20kbps, 4 channels RS485@9600bps
Communication Distance CAN: ≤1000m (RVSP0.75*2), RS485: ≤150m (RVSP2*0.5)
Installation Height Vertical 2~3m (recommended 2.5m)
Shell Material Grey cold steel paint
Horizontal Position Level 0~1m (recommended 0.3~0.5m)
Size 350*120*420mm(W*T*H)

Ultrasonic Sensor PGS Controller PGS-300

- Number of controllable detectors: 128;
- Communication: CAN Bus;
- RS485 Bus * 4 lines;
- Size: 350*120*420mm(W*T*H)
- Shell material: gray cold steel paint