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Parking Pay on Foot AutoPay Machine APS-X3

Parking Pay on Foot AutoPay Machine APS-X3

TCP/IP Parking Management System AutoPay Station


Key Features:


  • Automatic parking fee computation and collection.
  • User-friendly payment guide.
  • Ergonomic casing design.
  • Modular hardware layout.
  • Compact internal mounting frame.
  • Attractive & informative front panel.
  • Large 17” flat LCD color display.
  • Multimedia with voice and sound.
  • Flexible software development and configuration.
  • Fast and stringent note recognition.
  • Four-way banknote recognition.
  • Big capacity and lockable note and coin cassette.
  • Large paper roll receipt printing capacity.
  • Contact-less barcode scanning technology.



Device Name Parking Pay on Foot Machine 
Model Name APS-X3
Control Port TCP/IP
Banknotes Capacity(CNY) 500pcs
Coins Capacity(CNY) 1500-3800pcs
Banknotes Change Capacity 70 pcs
Dimension 700*450*1700mm
Working voltage AC110/220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Power 250W
Weight 100kg
Ticket  PVC Card/Bar code Ticket
Housing Outdoor grade epoxy powder coating in Yellow and Gray (Customized)
Door Lock Vandal resistant multi-point lock set with concealed hinges with opening/unplug monitoring alarm

-Support bill / coin cash payment and change;
-Support paper ticket, barcode, LPR system;
-Support visitor payment and season card extension;
-Support prepaid card recharge