Red Star Macalline International Home Furniture Mall: LPR Cloud Parking System

Case Name: Red Star Macalline International Home Furniture Mall


Project Type: Home Furniture Mall


System Applied: LPR Cloud Parking System


Location: All over China


Project Description:

Red Star Macalline is a nationwide home and furniture mall operator with the largest business area, the largest number of stores, and the broadest geographic coverage in China. They are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As of December 31, 2020, Red Star Macalline has operated 92 self-operated shopping malls, 273 commissioned shopping malls, and 11 home furnishing shopping malls through strategic cooperation. In addition, the company authorized the opening of 66 franchised home building materials projects by way of franchising, including a total of 476 home building materials stores/industry streets.


Solutions Provided by Excelsoo

Based on the analysis of Red Star Macalline’s location, crowd density, and traffic flow, in order to achieve the management goals of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and multi-benefit parking management, the project team proposed the use of Excelsoo's License Plate Recognition Cloud Parking system. This enables car owners to know the information about the vacant parking spaces in the parking lot in real-time, achieve the purpose of fast parking, reduce the congestion in the parking lot, increase the turnover rate of the parking space, increase the revenue of the parking lot, and truly bring good to customers. While parking the experience, improves the management efficiency of the parking lot.



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