Color Life Services Group:LPR Cloud Parking System

Case Name: Color Life Services Group


Project Type: Property Services, Building Intelligence, Apartment Services


System Applied: LPR Parking System Based on Cloud


Location: All over China


Project Description:

Color Life Services Group is a technological and comprehensive community service company integrating property services, building intelligence, and community services. It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2014.


Solutions Provided by Excelsoo:

In view of the relevant situation of the colorful life apartment community, the project team decided to use the license plate recognition management system in the Excelsoo's Smart Management System. The system uses high-definition license plate recognition technology and fast-track barrier technology. The accuracy rate of the license plate recognition technology is as high as 98%. The fast-track barrier can be opened and released in 1.2 seconds at the fastest. When the commuter pass vehicle approaches, the camera can quickly capture and recognize the license plate, and automatically open the barriers to release. This solution realizes the demand for quick entry and parking of monthly pass vehicles.



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