Excelsoo's Cloud Parking SaaS System

Parking And Security Software As A Service: The Best Approach!

- Lower the Cost;
- Maximize Revenue;
- Improve User Experience;
- Boost Your Brand Value. 

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EXPark Cloud Parking SaaS Platform Based on NP-W4G, a professional parking lot system controller!

Support 6 parking solutions,

  • Solutions 1:EM/Mifare Card;
  • Solutions 2:433MHz Long Range (Bluetooth) Reader;
  • Solutions 3:840 MHz-960 MHz Long Range UHF;
  • Solutions 4:Easy LPR System;
  • Solutions 5:LPR with LED Display (Best Seller);
  • Solutions 6:LPR+Card Dispenser/Verifier (Luxury Version);


Excelsoo Parking SaaS Demo: http://demo.ex-park.com/

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