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Loop Detector PD-232
Loop Detector PD-232

Dual Loop Detector PD-234


  1. Industrial grade design
  2. 3 sensitivity levels are adjustable.
  3. Supports multi-output ports
  4. Fault self-detected function
  5. Realized barrier close automatically after car pass
  6. Supports connecting 2 loops, distinguishing drive direction


  • Tuning                              Fully automatic
    Self-tuning range             50 to 1000μH
    Sensitivity                        Four levels adjustable
    Frequency                        Four levels adjustable
                                            Frequency depends on loop size
    Modes                              Output relays operate in the Presence ( fail-secure ),
    Pulse or Direction logic modes
    Presence Time                  Switch selectable:
    Limited presence
    Permanent presence
    Pulse Output Duration    500-millisecond options
    Response Times               20 milliseconds
    Visual Indication             1 x Power LED - Red
    2 x Channel Status LED - Green
    Relay Outputs                  2 x Relays rated - 5A @ 230 VAC
    Reset                                Reset by pushing the button on the front of the enclosure
    Power requirements         12 - 24V AC/DC ± 15% ( PD-234 )
                                            120V AC ± 15% ( 50 to 60Hz ) ( PD-231 )
                                           230V AC ± 15% ( 50 to 60Hz ) ( PD-232 )
    Operating Temperature    -40°C to +85°C
    Mounting Position           Shelf or DIN rail mounting

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- Working Power: AC/DC 12-24V ±10%
- Reaction Time: 10ms
- Presence Time: Unlimited / limited 10 minutes
- Sensitivity:3 levels adjustable
- PD-23X series is a dual loop detector with a 10ms Reaction time-based detector designed specifically for parking and vehicle access control applications. 
- PD-231 ---> AC110V±10%
- PD-232 ---> AC2200V±10%