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Display Driver Board NED-200


Display Driver Board NED-200


1. Main Characteristics


NED-200 is IP Network LED Display controller board with RS232/485 communication port; I/O input and relay output port. It can be used to driver LED display and use it as I/O board to control barrier gate and so on. We provide free SDK for you.


2. Main Technical Data


  • IP Address Auto-Search;
  • LED Brightness can adjustable;
  • Support Full Color LED Display;
  • Testing Demo is available.


3. Specifications



RJ45, RS232, RS485


DC5V, DC12V<1W

LED Model

P3.75 or P10

Input I/O

3 groups input I/O

LED Port

P3.75 plug *2

Output Relay

Output Relay *2


Audio output speaker


Available, Highly customized


4. Control Interface


  • RJ45, RS232, RS485: Communication port

  • Input I/O: loop detector, photocell, or any other I/O input

  • P3.75 Plug: LED model port, support ø3.75, P10 and so on standard led port.

  • Output Relay: This can be used to control barrier gates or any other.

  • Speaker: Audio output


5. Demo Show




6. Where is the NED200 used? 


- TCPIP, RS485, RS232 Port;
- Support Full Color LED Display;
- Testing Demo is available with SDK.
- With 2 output relay
- With 3 input I/O
- Support ø3.75, P10 and so on standard led port.