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DC Motor Boom Barrier Gate BR06

DC Motor Boom Barrier Gate BR06

Functions & Features:

  • Driven by DC brushless motor, equipped with movable connecting rod transmission mechanism and balance spring, stable and reliable operation. Motor life cycle up to 2,500,000 times or more, and spring life cycle up to 500,000 times.
  • Built-in delay auto-closing and reverse on the obstacle in case of resistance.
  • Support infrared photocell, loop detector, and external radar, and built-in DC12V power output.
  • Standard fitting with 433MHZ learning code remote control, convenient and quick to add configuration.
  • When power is off, the barrier gate can still work by adding 2 external DC12V batteries. And battery charging module is optional, when power is on, the battery will automatically charge.
  • Holes are available to fix the articulated or fence boom, and multiple boom types on one machine can be easily changed.


Technical Data:


Item \ Model BR06 (Speed 1.5-6S adjustable) 
Running Speed 1.5S 3S 4S 5/6S 6S 6S 6S 6S
Boom-Type Straight Straight Straight Straight 90° Folding 90° Folding 180° Fence 180° Fence
Max Boom Length 3M 4.5M 5M 6M 5M 4M 4.5M 4M
Input Voltage AC220V±10%, AC110V±10%
Frequency 50/60HZ 
Motor Voltage DC24V 
Enclosure Rating IP54 
MTBF 2,500, 000 times
Traffic Flow Application 1500 times/ 24 hours 
Working Temperature -35°C ~ +85°C
Max. Motor Power 200W 
Max. Motor Speed 24r/min 


Excelsoo DC Motor Boom Barrier Gate BR06Excelsoo DC Motor Boom Barrier Gate BR06

- Input Power: AC110/220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
- Motor Power: DC24V ±10% 10A
- Running Speed: 1.5S-6S Adjustable
- Protection Level: IP54
- MTBF:2,500, 000 times
- Max. Motor Power: 200W