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High-Speed Servo Motor Boom Barrier Gate BR08

High-Speed Servo Motor Boom Barrier Gate BR08

Heavy Duty Commercial Servo Motor Barrier Gate


Product Description:


  • DC brushless servo motor with frequency conversion control;
  • Allows for a smooth trip of the gate arm with no bounce in the end position;
  • The fastest running speed can be 0.5 seconds (0.5~0.9s adjustable);
  • 100% duty cycle and free maintenance make the barrier be proper for toll stations and parking systems!


Functions & Features:


  • DC permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), servo control;
  • Superior performance, equivalent to the main motor of the CNC machine tool and the electric vehicle motor, has high control precision, high torque density, good torque balance, low power consumption, high efficiency, less heat, and low noise;
  • Bi-direction boom holder design: left-installation and right-installation can be exchanged easily and quickly;
  • Electronic clutch design: more convenient to unlock or lock the motor when power off.(patented technology);
  • Three tension spring crank transmission design, for a more stable and reliable structure. (patented technology);
  • No limit switch design, accurate encoder detection, detecting boom position when power on. And open/close speed is adjustable;
  • Reversing boom more sensitivity and reacting faster when encountering obstacles;
  • With counting, delay auto-closing, auto-aging test, alarm when lifting boom without permission, motorcade passing function;
  • LCD display controller, more humanized operation, and setting;
  • NO/NC wire control signal input is optional;
  • Integrated RS485 communication, RJ45 network, infrared photocell, loop detector interface, radar module, and more secondary development;


Technical Data:


Model EX-BR08
Controller Model EX-CB02E (0.5-0.9S)
Boom-Type Carbon Fiber Round Boom
Boom Length ≤2M ≤3M
Running Speed 0.5/0.7/0.9S 0.9S
Input Voltage AC 220V±10%, AC110V
Motor Voltage DC310V
Enclosure Rating IP54
Working Temperature -35°C~+85°C
MTBF 10000000 times
Duty Cycle 100%
Traffic Flow Application 24 hours uninterrupted operation
Max Motor Power 300W
Max Motor Speed 90r/min
Max Torque 480N.m


Excelsoo High-Speed Servo Motor Boom Barrier Gate EX-BR08Excelsoo High-Speed Servo Motor Boom Barrier Gate EX-BR08

- Input Power: AC110/220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
- Running Speed: 0.5/0.7/0.9S Adjustable
- Boom: Carbon Fiber Round Boom, Max. 3M
- Protection Level: IP54
- MTBF:10,000, 000 times
- Motor Power: 300W