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Query Kiosk for Parking Guidance EX-VPM32K

Query Kiosk for Parking Guidance EX-VPM32K

An important integral part of the parking guidance system

EX-VPM32K Query Kiosk is installed at each elevator entrance or corridor entrance. Users can input information such as the license plate or parking lot number of their vehicle through the touch screen of the Query Kiosk to inquire about the parking position of their vehicle, and at the same time, he can follow up the Query Kiosk's location plan. The nearest route, guide the user to find the parking location of his vehicle.


Key Features:


  • Industrial grade design;
  • Intelligent core AI algorithm design;
  • Low-power design, high-brightness integration;
  • Stable transmission, safe and reliable;
  • 32-inch large LCD display;
  • Plan the route from the inquiring machine to the location of the vehicle;
  • Support multiple ways to find vehicles such as license plate, parking space, time, picture, etc.;
  • Convenient and fast, just plug in the internet cable to use;
  • Use a local area network without external network access.




Voltage AC220V50~60HZ
Operating Temperature -15℃~55℃
Power Consumption 50WMAX
Humidity Less than 95% (no condensation)
Screen Size 21.5 inches, 32 inches, 42 inches
Peripheral Interface USB2.0*3, RJ45*1

Query Kiosk for Parking Guidance EX-VPM32K

- 32-inch large LCD screen;
- Plan the route from the Query Kiosk to your car;
- Support multiple ways to find vehicles such as license plate, parking space, time, picture, etc.;
- Convenient and fast, just plug in the internet cable to use.