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EX-ABI Series Digital Active Infrared Barriers Sensor

EX-ABI Digital Active Infrared Barriers Sensor / Photocell

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EX-ABI Digital Active Infrared Barriers Sensor is a new front-end product for home security windows and balconies that replace "iron cages" and traditional door and window magnetic switches, curtain detectors, and other products used in traditional technical defenses. The anti-theft alarm controller constitutes a powerful anti-theft alarm system. According to its working principle, it can also be expanded for multiple purposes, such as vehicle detection at the entrance and exit of an indoor parking lot.


Technical Parameter:


Model ABI-02 Series ABI-04 Series ABI-06 Series ABI-08 Series ABI-10 Series ABI-12 Series
Beams 2 4 6 8 10 12
Height 48cm 76cm 108cm 140cm 172cm 204cm
Detection Distance 10m/30m/60m/100m
Detection Method Simultaneous interruption of adjacent 2 infrared beams
Beam Frequency 2 Channel ( A and B )
Light Source Infrared LED
Response Speed 40m/sec
Protection Level IP65
Alarm Output NO/NC (optional)
Power Supply DC9-30V / 50-120mA(Max)
Operating Temperature -30℃~70℃
Tamper Switch NC opens when the cover removed
Alignment Angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical unadjustable
Additional Features LED indicator, buzzer
Material PC engineering plastic, Aluminum housing
Application Scenarios Industrial parks, factories, schools, villas, factories, communities, prisons, etc.


Key Features:


  • The surface of the aluminum tube adopts an electrophoresis treatment process, which is more resistant to new, not easy to scratch, and has strong anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties;
  • Adopt the structural design of "closed external wiring", innovatively absorb the inspiration of the "bottle cap" inverted design, which greatly improves the waterproof performance while preserving the external wiring;
  • Fully enclosed, integrated, truly external wiring, frequency selection, synchronous and asynchronous selection, tamper switch, power selection, and calibration status indicator light can all be operated outside the grating, easier installation, more accurate and faster calibration;
  • Infinite 180°rotation A;
  • Using digital frequency conversion and CPU micro-processing digital control technology, the overall stability is better, the reliability is higher, and the anti-interference ability is stronger;
  • Use a high-grade aluminum alloy shell, anti-dismantling, anti-shearing, anti-movement design
  • Compatible with and without sync line working mode;
  • Two frequency bands can be selected to completely solve adjacent interference;
  • The double beam recognition function can effectively prevent small animals, birds, etc. from causing false alarms;
  • High sensitivity, three-speed adjustable AGC circuit design for guarding warning distance;
  • It has the characteristics of wind, frost, snow, rain, fog, tide, oblique sunlight, etc.
  • The protection distance is optional from 10 to 100 meters;
  • The number of beams is 2~12 beams are optional.


EX-ABI Series 10m Digital Active Infrared Barriers Sensor Photocell from Excelsoo

EX-ABI Series 30m Digital Active Infrared Barriers Sensor Photocell from Excelsoo

EX-ABI Series 60m Digital Active Infrared Barriers Sensor Photocell from Excelsoo

EX-ABI Series 1000m Active Infrared Barriers Sensor from Photocell from Excelsoo

- Detecting Distance: 10/30/60/100M is optional
- Response Speed: 40m/sec
- Number Of Beams: 2~12 are optional
- Voltage: DC9-30V / 50-120mA(Max)