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Smart Parking System Controller TCP-300

Smart Parking Access Controller TCP-300

TCP Parking Management System Control Terminal
ARM chip, TCP/IP network, and real-time embedded OS, Parking Access Control Unit (ACU) lead the parking system into a new IP digital age. TCP/IP is a quantum leap compared with the traditional RS485 bus, whether communication speed or performance, TCP/IP is a quantum leap.




Based on a stable and mature data platform, Windows XP\Win7 OS and SQL Server 2000 database, etc. S Series TCP/IP Parking Management System is used to control and monitor the parking access information, vehicle status of entry, or exit, status of barrier gate, and so on. 

In system designs with two-layer BS/CS architecture, the module of each layer can be updated and replaced separately, which will effectively reduce the cost and simplify the management. At the same time, data processing can be transferred from the client to the application server and database server, which accommodate large-scale and complicated application requirements. 

Various control parameters for parking management can be set with powerful data processing functions, such as RFID card detecting, RFID card extension, picture contrast, etc. Users can inquire about the vehicle in real-time; different reports can be generated and printed from the system to effectively manage the parking lot.




Residential estate, apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, and so on the unattended car park.


Key Features:


  • TCP/IP communication & data transmission;
  • 32-bit ARM dual-core processing technology;
  • Easy to install, debug and maintain;
  • RS232/485, Wiegand 26/34 various RFID interfaces are available in one control board
  • Nesting function available;
  • Extendible long-distance read function;
  • Off-line working available;
  • Extendible plate-number identification and auto-printing; 
  • Automatic card dispenser;
  • Multiple charging modes and charging standards can be defined as a user;
  • Speaker available
  • Flexible system configuration can be extended to a multi-level parking lot management system;
  • IP44 waterproof, dustproof and rustproof
  • Modular structure, high integration
  • A wide LED screen shows real-time information 
  • EM/Mifare Proximity card, UHF card available;
  • Advertisement function available; 





 External AC Input Power Voltage:

230/110V±15% 1.5A 50/60Hz

•  Internal DC Output Power Supply:

DC 12V/5A for the central control unit

DC 24V/2A for card dispenser

•  Total Power:




•  S6 Housing Size:

    S2 Housing Size:



  Housing material:

Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass

•  Color:

orange /silvery grey (Optional)


Un-equiped - 40kg; Equiped Cabinet - 52kg



  Mode of communication:

Base TCP/IP, Rear TCP/IP

TCP/IP Remote LAN Support:

YES, supports remote TCP/IP subnet

Communications Data Rate:

≥100.0 Mbps

Remote Firmware Upgrade Support:

YES, CCU (Central Control Unit) firmware may be changed by PC: 64 K with Bootstrap loader and FLASH memory architecture

 Communication transmission distance

Unlimited if the LAN is connected by optical fiber



 Reader Interface on CCU

2 RS-232, 2 Wiegand 26/34

 Card Available

EM4100, Mifare S50/70, 433MHz Bluetooth, 920~928MHz UHF

•  Offline storage capacity

100,000 pcs (extendible)

 Card capacity

30,000 pcs (extendible)

•  Blacklist capacity

10000 pcs (extendible)

•  Mifare 1 card read/write time:


•  Mifare 1 card read/write distance:


•  125 KHz Proximity card read time:


•  125 KHz Proximity card read distance:


•  Data transmission speed




 Working Temperature

minors 30°C to 70 °C

•  Working environments

indoor, outdoor

 Relative humidity

≤95% coagulation free


- Wiegand 26/34 ports *2;
- RS232 ports *2, support M1-S50/S70 card reader;
- 1 RS485 port
- 4 relay output ports;
- Support online and offline operation;
- Onboard card number: 25,000;
- Onboard offline records: 80,000;