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Loop Detector PD-232
Loop Detector PD-232

Dual Loop Detector PD-231


  1. Industrial grade design
  2. 3 sensitivity levels are adjustable.
  3. Supports multi-output ports
  4. Fault self-detected function
  5. Realized barrier close automatically after car pass
  6. Supports connecting 2 loops, distinguishing drive direction


  • Tuning                              Fully automatic
    Self-tuning range             50 to 1000μH
    Sensitivity                        Four levels adjustable
    Frequency                        Four levels adjustable
                                            Frequency depends on loop size
    Modes                              Output relays operate in the Presence ( fail-secure ),
    Pulse or Direction logic modes
    Presence Time                  Switch selectable:
    Limited presence
    Permanent presence
    Pulse Output Duration    500-millisecond options
    Response Times               20 milliseconds
    Visual Indication             1 x Power LED - Red
    2 x Channel Status LED - Green
    Relay Outputs                  2 x Relays rated - 5A @ 230 VAC
    Reset                                Reset by pushing the button on the front of the enclosure
    Power requirements         12 - 24V AC/DC ± 15% ( PD-234 )
                                            10V AC ± 15% ( 50 to 60Hz ) ( PD-231 )
                                           230V AC ± 15% ( 50 to 60Hz ) ( PD-232 )
    Operating Temperature    -40°C to +85°C
    Mounting Position           Shelf or DIN rail mounting

Excelsoo PD-231 vehicle loop detector for barrier gate is used to detect the presence of car by inductance loop coil wire.Excelsoo, PD132, M1H loop detector, Loop Sensor, Gate Detector, Door Sensor, Gate Automation, Door Access, RFID Reader

- Working Power: AC110V±10%
- Reaction Time: 10ms
- Presence Time: Unlimited / limited 10 minutes
- Sensitivity:3 levels adjustable
- PD-23X series is a dual loop detector with a 10ms Reaction time-based detector designed specifically for parking and vehicle access control applications. 
PD-232 ---> AC2200V±10%
PD-234 ---> AC/DC 12-24V ±10%