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Radar Vehicle Detector for Boom Barrier Gate EX-RD03

Radar Vehicle Detector for Boom Barrier Gate EX-RD03

A leading brand tripod turnstile gate systems manufacturer supplier in China.


The EX-RD03 Millimeter-wave Radar Vehicle Detector for Boom Barrier Gate is the latest model of vehicle detector developed by Excelsoo with microwave broadband technology and high-speed digital signal processing technology. It is used for the control and management of vehicle entrance and exit barriers or pedestrian access doors to replace traditional loop vehicle detectors or infrared sensors.


It can avoid the phenomenon of vehicles following the car and pedestrians being smashed, and ensure the reliable landing of the barrier arm or the normal closing of the pedestrian access doors. It is suitable for the supervision and detection of vehicles at the entrances and exits of parking lots or underground garages and toll stations. It is an indispensable and important component of an intelligent parking system and a toll system!


EX-RD03 Radar Vehicle Detector includes two specifications: EX-RD03A and EX-RD03B, EX-RD03C.
EX-RD03A: Dry contact * 1;

EX-RD03B: Dry contact * 2, RS485/RS232 bus *1;

EX-RD03C: Dry contact * 2, RS485/RS232 bus *1;


Center Frequency: 79 GHz;
Vertical Beam Width:  43°;
Horizontal Beam Width:  11°;
Coverage Range:  0 m~6 m;
Distance Adjustment Range:  2.0 m~6 m (8 levels);
Response Time:  100ms;
Signal Output:  Dry contact.
Detection Accuracy  
Vehicle Inspection Miss Rate:  0.1%;
Pedestrian Detection Miss Rate:  0.1%;
False Detection Rate:  0.05%.
Mechanical properties  
Dimensions:  107.9 mm×73.6 mm×17.2 mm;
Weight:  85g;
Waterproof:  IP65
Power Supply  
Voltage Range:  DC 6V~18V
Current:  less than 90 mA/12V.
Working Environment  
Operating Temperature:  -40℃~+85℃;
Humidity: Relative humidity 99% at 25℃.
  The equipment can work continuously day and night under the specified conditions, and the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) meets MTBF≧15000 h.

- Center Frequency: 79 GHz;
- Coverage Range: 0 m~6 m;
- Distance Adjustment Range: 2.0 m~6 m (8 levels);
- Response Time: 100ms;
- Signal Output: Dry contact;
- Vertical Beam Width: 43°;
- Horizontal Beam Width: 11°.